Confidence                                  Knowledge                                   Excellence



We write this letter of recommendation, in the hope that it may help shed a parental insight into life at Sherwood Heights School.
- Mr. & Mrs. Awan

“You have a rare family atmosphere, not apparent in most private schools and this exemplifies your school's motto of confidence, knowledge and excellence.” - Ms. Gilles

“Sherwood Heights is a school that not only excels in academics but in overall guidance of the children. I believe that you have hired teachers that truly care about children, know how to discipline, teach, guide and relate to children.” - Mrs. Magdic

“Your standards are excellent and the expectations necessary to achieve the desired results.” - Ms. Narasa

“We are deeply grateful for your help to our son. His report speaks volumes for the sincerity and commitment of his teacher and the school management. The overall school environment under your able leadership is beginning to make a huge difference.” - Ms. Hussain

“Another great year for the boys! We are proud of their achievements.” - Mrs. Devani

“My son is having such a success at Sherwood Heights, and working so diligently to achieve it. He is succeeding as a student, being challenged, being educated, being involved and being recognized.” - Mr. Jones