Hamdard Weekly
Vol. 17      No. 813      23 June, 2006

Sherwood Heights School Mississauga – A Bridge to the Future!

Since its inception in 1989, Sherwood Heights School has provided its students with qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers; an enriched and well-rounded curriculum; and a supportive and nurturing school environment dedicated to fostering confidence, knowledge, and excellence. Today, with two campuses, Sherwood Heights School has grown to become an institution with a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers and professionals providing quality education and meeting the needs of students from preschool to grade eight. Both campuses include separate music areas, computer labs, resource centres/libraries, indoor gymnasiums, and outdoor playgrounds.

The Sherwood Heights’ curriculum is comprehensive, well-rounded, and challenging. The curriculum is based on formal textbooks and workbooks covering various elements of every subject in a structured and appealing manner that promote the students’ love of learning. It covers language arts, mathematics, science and technology, history, geography, French, computers and business studies, physical education, music, and art. Additional support is available to students who need it, to help them improve on their present skills during and after the school day. Furthermore, essential real-life skills which include the ability to learn; to communicate clearly and effectively; to be creative; to rationalize and solve problems; to manage and organize time and information; to speak in public; to work independently as well as part of a group; and to follow directions as well as lead, are emphasized and encouraged. The curriculum keeps the students motivated and promotes their pursuit of excellence in a caring environment.


Physical education is an important part of the children’s growth and development; teaching them coordination, patience, perseverance, and how to work as part of a team to fulfill an objective. The physical education facilities at our two campuses include an indoor gym and two outdoor playgrounds; one for the older children, which includes a soccer field, and a second modern kindergarten playground. Sports activities which include basketball, field hockey, soccer, volleyball, badminton, and football, are provided as part of the students’ formal training, during their recesses, as well as during after school activities with intramural tournaments and competitions with other schools.

The advanced computer and technology program is unique to Sherwood Heights School and teaches students to use technology with proficiency and confidence. For younger children, starting at the preschool level, age-appropriate software in language arts, math, etc., as well as keyboarding skills are covered. Starting in grade five, the program covers software programming and computer hardware use and manipulation.

Students are also provided with an abundance of popular extracurricular clubs and activities which involve the children in different learning experiences and broadens their horizons. These include band and choir competitions, winter concerts, science fairs, public speaking competitions, spelling bees, talent shows, sports tournaments, spirit week, as well as various other activities and after school clubs.

To explore the full potential of the school, parents are invited to visit Sherwood Heights School’s Erin Mills Campus or Kennedy Campus. Informed parents are the school’s best supporters.