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About Us

1. Sherwood Heights School offers a comprehensive curriculum that places a strong emphasis on Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as well as Computers, Business and Technology, French, Physical Fitness, Music and Art.

2. The school facilities include an Indoor Gym/Auditorium, Outdoor Playgrounds for younger and older children, a Resource Centre/Library, a Technology Lab, an Arts and Crafts and Music areas.

3. The school follows a homework policy that is creative and complementary to the student's work during the day.

4. Good study and work habits, high expectations and self confidence are promoted and established.

5. Successful integration of newly enrolled students is achieved by offering individualized academic help as required.

6. For learners of English as a second language, a specialized and multi-level E.S.L programme is available. Its objective is to help students quickly develop their English language skills to enable them to integrate with confidence into their grade level main stream.

7. After school intramural sports and various activity clubs are part of the daily routine.

8. The computer hardware and software are continuously upgraded to reflect the latest in technology. The school has a specialized advanced computer, business & technology collaborative programme. Internet connectivity, laptops and projectors complement the students’ academic achievements.

9. The school staff are renowned for their academic qualifications and expertise. They distinguish themselves by their dedication and responsibility. They provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment for the students and ensure that extra help and/or challenge is readily available where needed.

10. The school's well rounded and structured curriculum promotes high academic standards and encourages students to strive for excellence.

Extracurricular Activities:

         Our various daily after school clubs and activities are popular and involve the children in different learning experiences, which broaden their horizons. These clubs rotate and change throughout the school year. As well, several major educational events take place over the course of the school year including academic competitions, such as our annual Public Speaking Competition; fairs, such as our Science and Art Fair; and tournaments, including the Spelling Bee.