Confidence                                  Knowledge                                   Excellence

Kindergarten / Elementary School

      Sherwood Heights Schools are independent schools recognized for their qualified, dedicated, and caring teachers; enriched and well-rounded curriculum; and supportive and nurturing school environments dedicated to fostering confidence, knowledge, and excellence. The curriculum is based on formal textbooks and workbooks covering various elements of every subject, including English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, and Geography, while rounding out its comprehensive curriculum with Computer Science, Business & Technology, French at all levels, Physical Fitness, Music, and Art. The advanced computer and technology program, unique to Sherwood Heights School, teaches students to use collaborative technology with proficiency and confidence. Our two campuses include separate music areas, computer labs, resource centres, indoor gymnasiums and outdoor playfields. The various daily school clubs and sports activities are popular and involve the children in different learning experiences, which broaden their horizons.


Extra-curricular activities, daily intramural sports, and special interest after school clubs and activities are popular and involve the children in different learning experiences.

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The school faculty is renowned for its expertise and academic qualifications.

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