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Canadian National Mathematics League - Canada

Our congratulations to the Grade 6, 7, and 8 students for their exceptional achievement in the Canadian National Mathematics Competition and placing Sherwood Heights School in 12th position in grade 6, 19th position in grade 7, and 17th position in grade 8 across Canadian schools. Excellent!

Canadian National Mathematics League - North America

Congratulations to the Grade 5 students for placing Sherwood Heights School in the top 13 schools in North America. Well done!

Sherwood Heights School - Innovation and Dedication

Sherwood Heights on top: STEM and cross curricular concepts; problem solving, critical thinking, and the real world.

Sherwood Heights on CBC news

Our hearty congratulations and warm appreciation to the caring community of Sherwood Heights for donating close to 3,000 pounds of food.

PSAA Athletic Association Basketball Champions

Congratulations to the Sherwood Heights Basketball Team for winning the tournament three years in a row. Well done!

Sherwood Heights Hosts LinkedKey Debate

Debating and the United Nations Model for students eager for new ideas and a boost in their confidence and public speaking abilities.

Chief of the Peel Regional Police, Ms. Jennifer Evans

Chief of the Peel Regional Police, Ms. Jennifer Evans delivers an inspirational and motivational message to our graduates. Thank-you!

Let's Talk Science

Congratulations to the students that have advanced in the Let's Talk Science Challenge. The finals will be held at the University of Toronto, and will be filmed for a special segment of TVO Kids. Super!

Former Mayor of Mississauga

Former Mayor Hazel McCallion shares her vast knowledge and insights at the Sherwood Heights' graduation ceremony.

Peel Music Festival

Congratulations to the Choir, Recorder Band, Concert Band for achieving 1st Place at the Peel Music Festival. Congratulations!

Gauss National Math Competition

Congratulations to the Grades 7 & 8 students for their extraordinary achievement in the Gauss National Mathematics competition.

Mississauga News

NBA Hornets basketball star slam dunk with children at Sherwood Heights School! Generates excitement and inspiration.

Sherwood Heights School Reviews

Ms. Mahend    5+

“Today I realized that my children have been shaped into positive, kind, and academically strong students. Thank you does not seem enough. Sherwood Heights will always have my gratitude.”

Mr. Jafa    5+

“I pray Sherwood Heights remains as it is for a long time. It's a school that prioritizes children in a way I've never seen before.”

Ms. Seble    5+

“I am writing this message to thank you for the continued support and encouragement that has been given to my daughter throughout her years at the school. These have been the best years of her life and I am forever indebted to you for giving her this successful platform. I will never hesitate recommending my friends to consider this school.”

Haroon    5+

“As the school year is coming to an end, I have received acceptances from University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and University of Waterloo. I am glad to announce that I have accepted and will be attending the University of Waterloo for the Biotechnology/CPA program. I would like to thank all of my teachers and other staff that guided and supported me through my Grade 12 school year and helped me reach this milestone.”

Mr. & Mrs. Awan    5+

“Our two daughters have been going to Sherwood Heights since 2010. We look for a school that would provide strong academic base coupled with opportunities to build out social, communication and leadership skills. We found that in abundance at Sherwood Heights School.”

Ms. Gills    5+

“You have a rare family atmosphere, not apparent in most private schools and this exemplifies your school's motto of confidence, knowledge and excellence.

Ms. Magdic    5+

“Sherwood Heights is a school that not only excels in academics but in overall guidance of the children. I believe that you have hired teachers that truly care about children, know how to discipline, teach, guide and relate to children.”

Ms. Narasa    5+

“Your standards are excellent and the expectations necessary to achieve the desired results.”

Ms. Hussain    5+

“We are deeply grateful for your help to our son. His report speaks volumes for the sincerity and commitment of his teacher and the school management. The overall school environment under your able leadership is beginning to make a huge difference.”

Mr. Devani    5+

“Another great year for the boys! We are proud of their achievements.”

Mr. Jones    5+

“My son is having such a success at Sherwood Heights, and working so diligently to achieve it. He is succeeding as a student, being challenged, being educated, being involved and being recognized.”

Easha    5+

“Some memories stay with you for life. For me, I know that I will always remember my time at Sherwood Heights. In class, Iíve been able to work to my full potential and Iíve learned a lot. My friends were always there to help me, and I was challenged to do my best.”